My First Fullframe Experience

Well…I’ll tell you something about me.

When I was 16 my parents bought me a Canon 650D with a Tamron 17-50mm. And I started a new hobby, lots of hours in HDR-Photography, landscapes and sunsets, but never people or this kind of stuff.

So the time went by and I lost the interest somehow, but then I got a new idea.

People and photography.

Then, in 2017 I bought a used Canon 5D Classic, a 12 year old fullframe camera. My first one, obviously. The difference between a cropped camera was mindblowing, I instantly fell in love with this masterpiece of gear, although I was using the “nifty-fifty” on it. But anyway – amazing pictures.

And there my story begins…

Engagement Party Micah&Marie

6th May 2018:

My first engagement party, I never thought so big. But that wasn’t even a big thing, now I know…I mean there are plenty of weddings and other stuff happening every day and there you have much more work to do.

So a friend of mine got engaged and they asked me to be part of their engagement party and of course I said yes. At this point I was very excited, because i had no experience at all in taking pictures of at least fifty people.

But we played it out very well, the weather on that day was just perfect and I fount some good places to shot some romantic photos.

The wedding will take place on 26th October this year and I’ll be the photographer, wish me luck!

Learning By Doing

24th March 2018:

I moved back to my hometown and started to shot other people than my girlfriend, like Laura in this photo. I was pretty nervous, because I was comfortable with my grilfriend’s acting and there was no gap of misunderstanding. But we played it out very well and I was lucky to get some good shots on that day.

At this point I wanna thank Laura for her coorparation. Thank you!